Guitars International is one of the world's largest dealers in fine new individually handcrafted (non-production) classical guitars. As such, we are honored to represent the majority of the world's greatest contemporary guitar makers. We are also the exclusive U.S. dealer for Rodgers tuning machines (the finest classical guitar tuners in the world).

We ship our classical guitars and flamenco guitars nationally on seventy-two hours approval as well as show them by appointment in our Cleveland, Ohio shop. Our goal is to match each client - student, devotee, collector and professional - with the student or concert guitar which will inspire the greatest artistry and joy.

The classical and flamenco guitars we commission are the result of ongoing discussions with numerous internationally recognized concert and recording artists (of whom many have performed on our Concert Series), the world's most esteemed luthiers, and prominent teachers. All our guitars are stored in a secure, temperature and humidity controlled vault to insure their protection. 

When available, we also offer a carefully selected collection of fine and rare, used, vintage and collectible classical guitars by such masters as
Hermann Hauser, Ignacio Fleta, Miguel Rodriguez, and David J. Rubio.

With nearly fifty years experience buying, selling, playing, studying, collecting, and commissioning individually handmade 
classical guitars and flamenco guitars, it is safe to say that classical and flamenco guitars are not only our business but our passion. With our many worldwide resources, even if the guitar you seek is not in our current collection, we can often locate it for you.

If you wish to place an order, ask a question about a particular instrument, discuss our seventy-two hours approval policy, make an appointment to play and compare the many fine classical and flamenco guitars in the relaxed environment of our
store, or would like to receive a free copy of our latest brochure, please give us a call at:


We enjoy getting to know our customers. (Learn More).
- Armin Kelly,
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