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Just arrived: A wonderful new 2021 Daniele Chiesa (Spain) spruce/ziricote classical guitar. (Learn more)
Just arrived: A wonderful new 2021 Daniele Chiesa (Spain) cedar/Indian classical guitar. (Learn more)
The Finalists in the 2021 James Stroud Classical Guitar Competition are:

Ethan Boyers,
Jack Davisson,
Patricia Hernandez,
Eric Wang.

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FREE: Cleveland International Classical Guitar Festival virtual concert.

COLIN DAVIN (USA), classical guitar

DUO MELIS (Spain & Greece), classical guitar

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FREE: Cleveland International Classical Guitar Festival virtual concerts.

DREW HENDERSON (Canada), classical guitar

PETRA POLACKOVA (Czech Republic), 19th century style nine string guitar and 1923 Domingo Esteso six string classical guitar

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FREE: Cleveland International Classical Guitar Festival virtual concert.

JI YEONG (JIJI) KIM (Republic of Korea), classical guitar

DANIEL LIPPEL (USA), well tempered classical guitar

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FREE: Cleveland International Classical Guitar Festival virtual concert

NIGEL NORTH (England), lute


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NEW: German Vazquez Rubio (USA) - Custom Elite Model, spruce soundboard, African blackwood sides and back. The spectacular concert guitar offered here represents the pinnacle of this renowned master's experience, research, knowledge, hard work, talent, and love for and dedication to his art: Gorgeous, powerful musical sound; even note to note up, down, and across the fingerboard; quick, flexible dynamic and color palettes...
NEW: Petra Polácková (Czech Republic) releases two new videos performing on our new Michael Cadiz (Austria) Torres Romanillos Model classical guitar:

1. El testament d'Amèlia
2. El Noi de la Mare

View these videos and other Guitars International performance videos HERE.

NEW: Michael Cadiz (Austria) - Torres/Romanillos Model, spruce soundboard, Madagascar sides and back. This is a jewel of a concert guitar: Charming, deep, rich, clear, focused, traditional, musical sound; quick responsive dynamic range; unusually wide pallet of color and attack; strong fundamental tones throughout all registers; excellent balance across the strings; very even note to note up and down the strings; eye popping materials, visual aesthetics, and workmanship; in all ways a tremendous value in an easy to play, world class classical guitar...

NEW: Oren Myers (England) classical guitar. The guitar offered here is a refined, impeccably crafted, notably lovely sounding traditional concert instrument. It is quick to respond to even the gentlest attack, possessing a wide range of musical tone colors and dynamics. It is also consistently well balanced up and down and across the strings. Overall clarity, harmonic voicing, and musical projection are excellent. Moreover, its lovely third string is one of the clearest, most lyrical we have played or heard. String set up, neck shape, and over all feel in both hands are particularly comfortable. In short, this player friendly guitar is both easy and very fun to play...

Just Arrived: A new 2021 Achim Peter Gropius double top classical guitar. German master guitar maker Achim Gropius is one of Europe's premiere makers of fine individually handmade classical guitars. His signature sound is warm, very focused, powerful, and round - smooth dense trebles, mid range, and bass with impressive depth of sound. This concert guitar responds particularly fast to both subtle and large changes in color and attack...
Second Annual
FIRST PRIZE $10,000.00
Open to ages 14-18, US residents only.

The 2021 Stroud Youth Competition Semi-Finalists have been announced. Good luck to you all! (Learn more).

The James Stroud Classical Guitar Competition is presented as part of the 2021 Cleveland International Classical Guitar Festival.
Join Us: Cleveland International Classical Guitar Festival May 21 - June 18.

Colin Davin (USA), guitar
[He is a] player with a virtuoso's technique, a deeply expressive musicianship, and a probing imagination. (American Record Guide)

Robert Gruca (USA), guitar
Robert Gruca is a brilliant player with gorgeous tone and a flawless sense of rhythm. (

Drew Henderson (Canada), guitar
Drew is an amazing guitarist, recording engineer, and video producer. (This is Classical Guitar)

Ji Yeon Kim (Republic of Korea), guitar
Talented, sensitive...brilliant... (Calgary Herald)

Daniel Lippel (USA), guitar
Guitarist Dan Lippel was simply brilliant, knowing exactly when to thrust above the string quartet and when to melt into its textures. (Boston Musical Intelligencer)

Duo Melis (Spain and Greece), guitars
Duo Melis' playing was technically superb, musically convincing, and demonstrated fantastic ensemble. (Soundboard)

Nigel North (England), lute - Gramophone Award Winner
Perhaps he is the greatest performer on his instrument of all time.... (Birmingham Post)

Petra Polácková (Czech Republic), guitar
[Her] playing was so technically secure and musically insightful, it was unimaginable that anything she played could possibly be difficult. (Cleveland Classical)

James Stroud Classical Guitar Competition (USA), guitars
Four Finalists will perform and awards will be announced.

Farewell sweet prince: John Holmquist - wonderful human being, one of the world's truly great artist/musician/classical guitarists, teacher, husband, father, and cherished friend to many...
JUST ARRIVED: 2020 Joshia de Jonge Anniversary Model double top classical guitar. This exceptional concert instrument is a magnificent example of refined musicality, materials, and craft - simply put, a singular masterpiece. The concert guitars of master guitar maker Joshia de Jonge combine northern European traditional tonal beauty with the quick response and laser-like projection of the most successful, innovative contemporary guitars...

NEW: Crossrock carbon fiber classical guitar flight case. This sleek, high impact resistant flight case is both very strong and very light due to its 100% carbon fiber hard shell. The entire case weighs only 5.5 pounds. Its plush padded interior includes a full body perimeter suspension system which provides further protection against drops and blows: All but the outer edge of a guitar's back floats above the case bottom while much of a guitar's soundboard floats below the case top...
Grammy Winner JASON VIEAUX (USA)
In a Live Stream Concert


2:00 p.m. US Eastern Time / 11 a.m. US Pacific Time
8 p.m. Central European Time

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All ticket proceeds in their entirety
benefit the artists.

NEW: 2020 Jeffrey R. Elliott (USA) Custom Concert Guitar. The classical guitars of Jeffrey R. Elliott are exceptional works of musical art - magnificent concert guitars possessing unsurpassed musical refinement, purity and beauty of sound: quick powerful warm singing trebles, firm deep resonant basses, a particularly broad palette of colors and evenness of sound. These much sought after instruments are also among the rarest of the rare contemporary concert guitars...
View the Final Round performances and awards announcement of the 2020 James Stroud Classical Guitar Youth Competition HERE.

Congratulations to all four wonderful, accomplished Finalists: Aytahn Benavi (18), Texas; Patricia Hernandez (16), Florida; Ian Tubbs (15), Indiana; Eric Wang (16), California

Congratulations to classical guitarist Petra Polácková (Czech Republic) on the  release of her long awaited, much anticipated, musically extraordinary all Weiss debut C.D. You can order "WEISS" at

Learn more about Petra Polácková...
Review: Colin Davin & Jason Vieaux in a live online recital (June 6, 2020) -
Published on by Daniel Hathaway

After weeks of watching online streams of archived concerts and ad hoc performances from quarantined musicians’ living rooms and bedrooms, it was thrilling to be able to advertise, preview, and report on two real-time webcasts last Friday and Saturday that embraced high production values and addressed the persistent issue of how to compensate musicians for online services. Saturday afternoon’s joint recital by Colin Davin and Jason Vieaux was sponsored by the Cleveland International Classical Guitar Festival, whose 2020 iteration, scheduled for that weekend at the Cleveland Institute of Music, vanished in the wake of the pandemic...
Congratulations to the four 2020 James Stroud Classical Competition Finalists: Aytahn Benavi (Texas), 18; Patricia Hernandez (Florida), 16; Ian Tubbs (Indiana), 15; Eric Wang (California), 15.
Just arrived: A new 2020 Gregory R. Miller classical guitar. We are delighted to offer Gregory Miller's beautiful concert guitars to our customers. Mentored by world-renowned guitar maker Jeffrey R. Elliott, Gregory Miller is an exceptional talent. This magnificent sounding, visually stunning guitar has impressive reserves of power. It is also quick to project the quietest, most delicate pianissimos. Its  smooth, creamy trebles and firm, deep basses are round, clear, and responsive to a wide range of color and attack. Its fundamental tones are uniformly solid while beautifully complemented by rich, well controlled overtones in all registers. The result: This guitar's perfectly balanced sound sparkles up and down and across the fingerboard. Voice separation is excellent as is harmonic blending...