Rodgers Precision Tuning Machine Heads

L111: Hauser style engraved nickel silver side plates, ebony oval buttons
Guitars International is honored to be the dealer for Rodgers precision tuning machines. For nearly thirty years Rodgers' tuning machine heads have been recognized around the world to be the most elegantly designed, finely crafted, smoothest, accurate, reliable, visually beautiful classical guitar tuning machines ever made. Rodgers' superb customer service is legendary. Today, the world's premiere guitar makers continue to select Rodgers precision tuning machine heads for their finest concert instruments. Rodgers: The world's finest. (Learn more about Rodgers tuning machines).


L111 Hauser style brass side plates, light mother of pearl oval buttons, cream colored rollers, and 35mm roller spacing. Pre-owned, mint condition - $600.00 (Sold)


L149 Hauser style, nickel silver side plates with satin finish, black ebony oval buttons, black rollers with self-aligning bearing bushes and 35mm roller spacing, and bright steel worms with matching bright steel gear screws. (Sold)

Baker style polished nickel silver side plates, kidney shaped ebony buttons, cream colored rollers with self aligning bearing bushes, and 35mm roller spacing. (Sold)

Rodgers style brass side plates, kidney shaped ebony buttons, black rollers with self-aligning bearing bushings, and 35mm roller spacing. (Sold)

How To Place A Custom Order:

Please call (216) 752-7502 to confirm inventory and current prices. If we do not have the Rodgers set you seek, you can place a custom order with us. Allow approximately six weeks to receive a set of Rodgers tuners custom ordered through Guitars International. To view a more comprehensive assortment of plate, engraving and button options, please visit the Rodgers website by clicking here.

Rodgers Self-aligning Bearing Bushes:

Rodgers has offered string rollers with optional self-aligning bearing bushes for the last nine years. The Rodgers self-aligning bearing bushes were designed to deliver smooth, clean operation regardless of the tightness of headstock roller holes. Imprecise roller holes often result when (1) they have been improperly drilled, (2) the wood surrounding the roller holes has shrunk or (3) some guitar finish has penetrated the roller holes. The Rodgers' self-aligning string rollers have outboard bearing bushes that spin freely. As a result, these bearing bushes prevent string rollers from binding in imperfect holes. Rodgers self-aligning bearing bushes are available for a modest additional fee on all Rodgers classical style machine heads.

Rodgers Nineteenth Century Tuning Machine Head Reproductions with Reverse Gearing:

During the nineteenth century when guitar makers started to use machine heads on their instruments in place of wooden pegs, craftsmen produced tuners with gearing cut in the opposite direction to sets made today. It was with this in mind that Rodgers recently developed equipment which allows them to offer precision gearing cut to the opposite hand. As a result of their research and development, Rodgers now offers faithful reproductions of nineteenth century tuning machine heads for use as replacement gears on vintage guitars and as originals on vintage reproductions. (For a representative example of reverse gearing, see the 640a and 640b images above).