Rodgers Tuning Machines: An Overview

Fine Machine Heads are more than just accessories to your instrument. They are an integral part of the instrument's overall performance and beauty. Rodgers Machine Heads are hand built to a high degree of engineering precision, great attention is paid to every aspect of both the design and the manufacture. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the finished Machine Head is both mechanically and artistically of the highest possible quality. Our main market comprises of Machine Heads for Classical Guitars, but we also produce high quality Machine Heads for Steel String Guitars, Stauffer Guitars and Lacote Style Guitars. The mechanical details remain the same for all specifications except the Stauffer Style.

Although most of the Machine Heads we produce are to our standard specifications, we also specialize in producing reproductions of early tuners, such as the Baker style used on many Torres and Panormo guitars.

Each set of tuners is built to order, often, if not always to specific custom requirements. These requirements can include specialized engraved design artwork produced on brass, nickel sliver and Sterling Silver. We now have many hundreds of designs used for the engraving and continue to expand our range all the time. We can cater for sets with any number of mechanisms, from single units to twelve or more strings. Many other aspects of the design can also be altered for various applications.

Our customers range from professionals to amateurs, makers to players and dealers to enthusiasts. We sell throughout the world and have, over the past 25 years, achieved a reputation for producing the highest quality Machine Heads on the market. It is our aim and ambition to keep this reputation and, if possible, to improve upon it. Our Machine Heads are constantly evolving as new ideas for improvements (where possible) in design and manufacture, come to light. We also have a wide range of materials available for the tuning buttons. We have recently introduced Dark Mother-of-Pearl and more materials may soon be introduced. In sum, it is our aim to produce the Machine Head, you require, for your particular instrument. (learn more).