Gernot Wagner, Germany
Master Guitar Maker Gernot Wagner has received enormous international acclaim over the years for his revolutionary idea to employ Nomex® technology in doubletop, sometimes referred to as sandwich top or composite top, guitar construction. (Wagner's idea was first adopted and popularized by his friend and colleague, Matthias Dammann, who built the first doubletop guitar using this unique technology). See "Innovative Guitar Designs" in the March 2012 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine for further information about Gernot Wagner's ground breaking contribution to double top technology.

Born in 1948 Gernot Wagner grew up in a family that had great appreciation for fine woodworking (one of his grandfathers was a cabinet maker). Gernot Wagner began making classical guitars, Baroque and Renaissance lutes and vihuelas nearly forty years ago. For the last thirty years he has focused solely on constructing concert classical guitars of the highest quality. In 1989 upon completion of his course work and examination at the famous "Instrumentenbauschule" in Mittenwald, Germany, he was awarded the title, "Master Guitar Maker." In his early years as a luthier Wagner became particularly interested in the scientific aspects of guitar making. This fascination with acoustic research has been an ongoing stimulus to his work ever since. The outward physical appearance of his instruments, however, has always taken its visual cue from the guitars of Daniel Friederich which embody a clear, elegant, straight forward, traditional aesthetic.

From the start Gernot Wagner strove to create powerful, well balanced instruments with a wide dynamic range and a beautiful, dark, flexible sound capable of great clarity of voice and polyphonic separation. In 1996 he was excited to discover that he could get much closer to this ideal sound when he used an Aramide Honeycombe material to construct his first double top guitar. The fact that this method of construction has since been adopted by countless luthiers all over the world is something which makes him particularly optimistic about the forward-looking attitude of his colleagues.

About his guitars Gernot Wagner writes:

"I am proud to say that a customer can take it for granted that immaculate  craftsmanship and ease of playability are traits common to all my guitars. In addition, I try within certain parameters to build instruments which conform to the individual musical needs of my customers. However, sometimes it is rather difficult to know and to make clear what your limitations are as a maker and what are the boundaries set by physical laws. This is one of the reasons why researching and understanding musical acoustics is so important to me."

Jason Vieaux; José Manuel Dapena; and Susana Prieto and Alexis Muzurakis of Duo Melis, and most recently Bill Kanengiser, are just five of the internationally acclaimed concert artists choosing to perform and record with Gernot Wagner double top classical guitars. Capable of projecting to the back of the most challenging concert hall as they do, many people believe Gernot Wagner's most recent double top guitars are the most sonically beautiful, most musically flexible, most natural sounding of the latest generation of double top guitars. Lush, round, clear, well balanced sound throughout all registers; smooth creamy tonal transition from note to note; quick response; broad color palette; excellent separation, sustain, depth and density of sound; these are the signature attributes of a Gernot Wagner doubletop classical guitar.

In sum, Gernot Wagner's double top classical guitars represent an outstanding contribution both to refined music making in the twenty-first century and the art of lutherie in general.

See also the Summer 2016 issue of Classical Guitar magazine, pp 48-50, for an interview with master guitar maker Gernot Wagner about his groundbreaking work.