Classical Guitars

Antonio Marin Montero, Spain
Bouchet Model
Materials: spruce/Ind.
Year: 2023
Condition: New
Status: Not for Sale
Overview: Antonio Marin Montero is considered by many professionals to be the premiere Spanish maker of fine handmade classical guitars. We have had the honor to represent this great master for over thirty years. A former protege of the great French luthier, Robert Bouchet, Marin's concert guitars are a unique musical blend of Northern European and Spanish guitar making traditions.

Marin's guitars have a deep, bell like sound; are very precise; have powerful trebles, midrange and bass, excellent sustain, balance, and separation of voices, a quick response to a particularly wide variety of color and attack, and an unusually comfortable neck and action set up. In short, these magnificent concert guitars are an inspiration to hear and great fun to play.

Highly sought after around the world, a rare new Marin such as this obtained directly from this great master is cause for celebration. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Very dark black/brown Ind. rosewood back and sides, old straight grain European spruce soundboard with medullary rays, lovely proportions with understated traditional visual aesthetics, classic black/brown/black mosaic rosette, stylized Torres inspired head crest, immaculate French polish of shellac finish, clean elegant workmanship throughout, 650mm string length, Spanish hardshell case.