Books and DVDs about Classical Guitarists: Julian Bream, Agustin Barrios, Ida Presti, Andres Segovia and others: An Annotated Bibliography

Julian Bream, My Life In Music (DVD)
Julian Bream is widely considered to be one of the greatest classical guitarists of the twentieth century. In addition to the many fine works he commissioned from some of this century's finest composers, he re-introduced the Renaissance lute and its wealth of masterpieces to twentieth century audiences. In his 70th year here Julian Bream tells his remarkable story with contributions from John Williams, Peter Pears, Igor Stravinsky, William Walton, George Malcolm, Richard Rodney Bennett and The Julian Bream Consort. This is a must see for all those who love the classical guitar and its music. Illustrated with over an hour of complete musical performance.

Guitarra: Julian Bream (DVD)

Filmed on location in Spain, Julian Bream traces the evolution of the Spanish guitar from 1500 to the present. Bream performs some of the finest works in the Spanish guitar repertoire on vihuela, baroque guitar and modern guitar.

Julian Bream, A Life On The Road by Tony Palmer (Book)

This book is a fascinating, eye-opening, personal account of the experiences - stimulating, humorous, nerve wracking and challenging - which constitute the day to day life of one of the twentieth century's finest touring classical guitarists. This is a must read for all those who love the classical guitar, its music and life itself.

Julian Bream: The Foundations Of A Musical Career by Stuart Buffon

In his book on Julian Bream's early years, Stuart Button focuses on seven years: from 1944, when the eleven-year-old Julian Bream first discovered his love of music and devotion to the guitar, to 1951, with the eighteen-year old's acclaimed first Wigmore Hall recital. In doing so Button draws upon a collection of letters between Julian Bream's father, Henry Bream, and Wilfrid Appleby, editor of the Bulletin of the Philharmonic Society of Guitarists (PSG). This correspondence reveals the immense struggle against the financial difficulties and prejudice which Bream faced in trying to establish himself as a professional classical guitarist at a time when the guitar was not accepted as a proper classical instrument.

The Art of Julian Bream by Grahman Wade

This is the first book to present a detailed account of the musical achievements of Julian Bream. In a wide-ranging celebration of his artistry the book offers essential perspectives on vital elements of twentieth century guitar history and reveals how Julian Bream succeeded in establishing the instrument as a uniquely expressive force on the contemporary scene, as well as his phenomenal success in inspiring composers such as Britten, Tippett, Walton, Arnold, Berkeley, Henze, Brouwer, Takemitsu, etc., to write for the guitar. 232 pages.

El Inalcanzable: Agustin Barrios Mangore by Carlos Salcedo Centurion - Publisher: Paraguayan National Congress and the Cabildo Museum

This impressive work is a beautiful combination art-book and reference text, with forwards by Richard Stover, Luz Maria Bobadilla, Sila Godoy, the director of the Cabildo Museum in Paraguay, Margarita Morselli, and a prologue and text by North American Barrios-Mangore expert Carlos Salcedo Centurion. The book's text is in both English and Spanish. The book contains four hundred Barrios-related images, nearly a hundred photos of Agustin Barrios, as well as photos of a hundred original Barrios scores, original correspondence, programs, discography and guitars. It also contains a hundred and sixty year chronology. "El Inalcanzable" -- which roughly translated in Spanish means "unsurpassable" -- is purportedly the term used by the great Brazilian composer Hector Villa-Lobos when asked to describe Barrios' talent as a virtuoso classical guitarist. Nearly ten years in the making, this book is an invaluable reference work for any serious student of the classical guitar or admirer of Agustin Barrios Mangore -- the "Paganini of the guitar from the jungles of Paraguay." 290 Pages. ISBN: 9789995384302

Andres Segovia Transcripciones - Obras para guitarra - vol. 3 - Phillip de Fremery (Berben)

Phillip de Fremery, a former student of the great Andres Segovia, is the classical guitarist with golden ears Emilita Segovia entrusted to transpose all her husband's un-notated transcriptions from the Master's vast discography - no small project this. The result of de Fremery's meticulous aural scholarship is that for the first time we have accurate editions of the Master's previously unpublished transcriptions. In many instances de Fremery documents and explains how Segovia rethought and burnished these transcriptions over the course of his illustrious recording career. One of the many benefits of de Fremery's valuable work, then, is that with this magnificent volume in hand, the inquisitive musician may now gain even greater appreciation and insight into the artistic maturation of arguably the most influential classical guitarist in the history of the instrument. Contains fifty transcriptions.

Don Andres and Paquita: The Life of Segovia in Montevideo by Alfredo Escande (English translation by Charles Postlewate and Marisa Herrera Postlewate)

This book covers the life of Andres Segovia while married to the widowed Paquita Madriguera, famous child prodigy pianist and prized student of Enrique Granados, They fled their native Spain under death threats when the Spanish Civil War erupted in 1936 and began an odyssey that landed them to the Uruguayan capital. Segovia's support for the fascist Franco resulted in his banishment from the lucrative American concert scene, while the travel dangers of World War II further isolated him from the rest of the world. During this time, Segovia greatly enriched the guitar repertoire through numerous arrangements and collaborations with major composers via correspondence. The couple collaborated on two of the most important contemporary guitar concertos and traveled throughout Latin America to perform.

Andres Segovia, Jan Pierce & Marian Anderson

Historic film footage of three musical legends: This DVD is of particular interest to classical guitarists as it features rare footage of Andrés Segovia performing in his Paris studio. Compositions include: Prelude (Bach), Theme and Variations (Sor), Sonatina (Torroba), Spanish Song (Traditional).

Ida Presti - Sa Vie, Son Art / Her Life, Her Art
by Anne Marillia (Berben)

The first biography of Ida Presti, arguably the greatest woman guitarist of the 20th century, is based on documents and recollections gathered by the great guitarist's daughter, Elisabeth Presti.. It is both a faithful and moving account of the facts of this artist's life and a sensitive insight into her mind and soul. 199 pages.

Practicing: A Musician's Return to Music by Glenn Kurtz

In Practicing: A Musician's Return to Music, Glenn Kurtz takes us on a journey of hope, loss, and surprising return. Telling the story of his career as a classical guitarist - from his first lessons at the age of eight to his acceptance at the elite New England Conservatory of Music - Kurtz lets the reader into the passionate, hidden world of making and performing music, revealing the elation, the self-doubt, and the intense determination that define the work of practicing. A prodigy at age ten, by twenty-five, Kurtz realizes that his dream of being the next Segovia will not come true. Devastated by this realization, he quits music forever. Or so he thought. Ten years later, Kurtz returns to the guitar to discover what went wrong. No longer an aspiring artist, he is now a "former musician," overcoming his earlier disappointment and learning a new and richer kind of love for music. By examining his own return to music, Kurtz shows how learning to pick yourself up and continue may be the practice rooms most important lesson. In this way, Practicing speaks not just to musicians, but to everyone who has striven for an ideal - and learned from disappointment. Containing vivid portraits of his teachers, friends, and competitors, along with a fascinating history of the classical guitar, its players, and composers, Practicing is an inspiring, entertaining, and meditative memoir. A love affair with music. - Newsday

Classical Guitarists: Conversations by Jim Tosone

This is the first book to bring together in-depth first-person interviews with today's pre-eminent classical guitarists and the composers with whom they have worked closely. Along with the interviews are reviews of the artists' recordings and concerts, and discographies of their recordings. This book also features an interview with Harold Shaw, one of the greatest artist managers in the history of the classical guitar. Classical guitarists interviewed include: Julian Bream, John Williams, Eliot Fisk, Sharon Isbin, David Starobin, David Tanenbaum and David Leisner. Composers include: Richard Rodney Bennett, and Pulitzer Prize winners George Crumb and Aaron Jay Kernis. The book gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the lives, careers, experiences and thoughts of a select group of artists who have shaped and are continuing to shape the classical guitar world. The interviews and reviews were written by Jim Tosone, Contributing Editor and Staff Reviewer for Guitar Review, where his articles and reviews have appeared since 1991.