Classical Guitars

Thomas Holt, Spain
10th Anniversary Model
Materials: spruce/Ind.
Year: 2020
Condition: New
Status: Requires Special Order
Price: To be Determined
Overview: This is Thomas Holt's premiere concert Model. Thomas Holt is a Danish born guitar maker living and working in Granada, Spain. Before entering the field of guitar making he worked and studied in the fields of architecture, sound engineering, and cabinet making. The skills acquired in these fields have served as a base for his profession as a guitar maker.

He builds his guitars in the Spanish tradition, using only carefully selected, old wood. His instruments are entirely handmade and finished using the traditional French polish of shellac method.

Thomas Holt learned guitar making from such important and skilled Granada masters as Antonio Marín Montero and the late Rolf Eichinger, in whose old workshop he now works. He also has access to some of his maestros old woods which are of such a high quality as to be very hard to find. If worked with great respect and sensitivity, these woods offer the possibility of creating instruments with incredible richness of tone and color range.

Although one can hear in Holt's rich, clear sound the influence of his Granada mentors, his lovely classical guitars have very much their own warm, deep, polished, musical voice. Balance, playability, materials, and workmanship are superb
. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Materials: Premium old dark Ind.sides and back with ebony fillet, very old master grade European spruce soundboard, ebony fingerboard, 20th first string fret, Rodgers L299 tuning machine heads with oval ebony buttons, French polish of shellac finish, 650mm or 640mm string length.