Classical Guitars

Stephen Eden, England
Cadenza Entry Level Concert Model
Materials: cedar/Ind.
Year: 2024
Condition: New
Status: Expected June/July (See tentative estimated price below).
Price: $3,200.00
Watch Mark Eden perform on a Stephen Eden cedar/Indian Cadenza Model classical guitar..

Overview: These player friendly highly responsive classical guitars represent a tremendous musical value in a truly individually handcrafted concert guitar. They project a beautiful warm full focused sound, a concert worthy dynamic range, excellent balance, a wide palette of colors and attack, as well as offer quick easy playability, and superb materials and craftsmanship.

About his Cadenza Model Stephen Eden writes: "This is [my] concert guitar on a budget. These models are built with a focus on sound and playabilty while minimising the costly cosmetics side of the guitar. The guitar is built to the same design as [my] standard concert model using the same high quality woods and craftsmanship."

In sum: These musical gems are the real deal, not shiny factory or production shop clones masquerading as the real thing.

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Materials: Cedar soundboard, dark Indian rosewood sides and back, ebony fingerboard, expertly applied French polish of shellac finish, 650mm string length, Hiscox hard shell case.