Classical Guitars

Robert & Orville Milburn, USA
Double (Sandwich) Top
Materials: spr./Nomex/ced./African blackwood
Year: 2014
Condition: New
Status: Sold
Overview: This very powerful, very responsive spruce/cedar double top guitar has it all: rich beautiful sound, broad color palette, unusually large dynamic range, superb sustain, even balance up and down and across the strings, and exceptional playability. (To view photos of this guitar click here).

A concert guitar of impressive refinement, this guitar embodies a unique synthesis of composite double top design (as pioneered by the great contemporary German master, Gernot Wagner) and a modern variant of Hauser I's seven fan bracing system. Round creamy trebles, rich deep basses, outstanding projection, quick controlled very smooth response (this guitar is nearly impossible to overdrive) make this double top guitar an extremely impressive concert guitar.

Add to these primary musical attributes beautiful understated visual aesthetics, stunning craftsmanship (among the finest in the world) and master grade materials, and you have one of the finest values available in a world class modern concert guitar. With over three hundred classical guitars to their credit and over fifteen years experience, look to the Milburns as two of the most brilliant in a new generation of guitar makers of international stature. (Learn more about these classical guitar makers).

Materials: Rare African blackwood sides (laminated internally with Spanish cypress) and back, spr./ced. double top soundboard construction, moderately elevated fingerboard, snakewood bindings, African blackwood head veneers, black/white/black hairline purflings, the most perfectly executed side grain mosaic rosette we have seen, impeccable French polish of shellac finish - Rodgers precision tuning machine heads (the finest in the world) with engraved brass sideplates, mother of pearl oval buttons and self-aligning bearing bushes - 650mm string length, TKL hardshell case.