Classical Guitars

Robert Ruck, USA
Custom Double (Composite) Top with Elevated Fingerboard and 20th fret
Materials: spr./Nomex/ced. soundboard/CSA
Year: 2013
Condition: New
Status: Sold

Overview: This is a particularly powerful, modern concert guitar with a rich, lovely, refined traditional sound: strong core fundamental tones, clear un-conflicted overtones, and perfect balance throughout all registers.

Robert Ruck has worked with many designs, bracing patterns, and materials over the years. He has built solid top guitars of distinction and more recently composite top (double top) guitars of great power and beauty. Regardless of their design features, his concert instruments are prized worldwide for their warm traditional sound, quick response, and unusually easy playability.

To paraphrase one of our usually more reticent colleagues: "These are concert guitars for performers who wish to be heard in the next county without sacrificing artistic nuance, color palette or quality of sound." Robert Ruck's celebrated concert instruments have been performed and recorded on by numerous artists around the world - most notably, of course, by Manuel Barrueco. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Custom Model, Spruce/Nomex/ced. double top soundboard, CSA sides and back, moderately elevated ebony fingerboard with 20th first string fret; ebony headstock veneer; synthetic finish on the sides and back for optimum durability; French polish of shellac finish on the soundboard for optimum acoustic response; Sloane machine heads (Rodgers tuning machines an additional $1000.00); 650mm string length; 52mm nut width, TKL 9100 double arched hardshell case.