Classical Guitars

Paul Fischer, England
Premiere Taut Model
Materials: spruce/CSA
Year: 2008
Condition: New
Status: Sold
Price: $14,000.00
Overview: The Premiere Taut Model is Paul Fischer's definitive concert instrument. Handcrafted by one of the world's greatest contemporary luthiers, this is one of the finest projecting classical guitars we've heard.Fischer's recent refinements to this instrument's back bracing provide the player with even greater sonic feedback without decreasing the outstanding projection associated with earlier examples of his innovative work. Moreover, his newly refined fanned lattice construction lends an added sweetness to these guitars' elegant sound. The sound of these guitars is warm, smooth, musically precise, powerful, and clear: wonderfully alive yet firm, controlled, focused and effortless to produce. These instruments' balance is perfect,separation between voices outstanding.

Because its innovative construction eliminates nearly all extraneous right hand attack noise in a hall, fine musical details often lost in concert are meticulously magnified - harmonics, for example, project like a triangle over a symphony orchestra. In testing these guitars in several large concert halls with the aid of a number of outstanding players, we have found them to possess a depth of sound, expansiveness, beauty and evenness of sustain which are nothing short of breathtaking.

For over fifty years Paul Fischer has been an inspired artistic influence in the evolution of the modern concert guitar. To help further his contributions in this area, he was awarded in the mid 1980s a Winston Churchill Fellowship and a Southern Arts research bursary. His instruments have been featured in many publications including the best selling book "The Complete Guitarist" by Richard Chapman, and "The Classical Guitar" (Balafon 1997) (Dorling Kindersley 1993).

Sergio and Odair Assad, Eduardo Fernandez, Badi Assad, Marcello Kayah, John Mills and Konrad Ragossnig have all performed on Fischer guitars. Most recently, the prodigiously talented young American virtuoso, Jason Vieaux, has been performing and recording with a Fischer Taut Model classical guitar. Hear Jason Vieaux' magnificent recordings - "Sevilla" and "Manuel Ponce: The Guitar Sonatas" and "Images of Metheny" - recorded with a spruce Paul Fischer Taut Model guitar. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Materials: Very old, dark, perfectly quarter sawn CSA sides and back with black and dark brown highlights (absolutely stunning materials as always), lovely old European spr. soundboard, ornate red fleur-de-lis rosette and tie block design inlaid into an ebony field, herringbone purflings matched with rare snakewood black/brown bindings, high gloss oil varnish finish with outstanding optic depth on the sides and back for durability, French polish of shellac finish on the soundboard for optimum acoustic response, Rodgers precision tuning machine heads (the finest in the world) with engraved nickel silver sideplates and snakewood buttons, exceptional materials and craftsmanship throughout, 650mm string length, hardshell case.