Classical Guitars

Oren Myers, England
Traditional Concert Model
Materials: spruce/Ind.
Year: 2022
Condition: New
Status: Sold
Price: $8,950.00
The traditional guitar is wonderfully malleable and responsive. It does not impose its sound on the player; rather, it channels each guitarist's personality and accentuates each player's individuality. - Oren Myers

Overview: This splendid new 2022 Oren Myers guitar is a musically refined, highly responsive, lovely sounding, impeccably crafted, traditional concert instrument. It is quick to respond to even the gentlest attack, possessing a wide range of musical colors and dynamics. It is also well balanced up and down and across the strings. Overall clarity, harmonic voicing, and musical projection are excellent. Moreover, its lovely third string is one of the clearest, most lyrical we have played or heard. String set up, neck shape, and over all feel in both hands are particularly comfortable. In short, this player friendly guitar is both easy and great fun to play - clean, unfettered elegance in every way.

Guitar virtuosos Marcin Dylla, Laura Young, Mark Eden, Gerald Garcia, and Daniela Rossi have all performed with Oren Myers classical guitars. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker.)

Materials: Very dark straight grain Indian Rosewood sides and back, European spruce soundboard, cedar neck, ebony fingerboard, satinwood and rosewood bindings, mosaic rosette, 650mm string length, 20th first string black carbon fret, Alessi tuning machine heads with stainless steel sideplates and ebony oval buttons, hardshell case.