Kolya Panhuyzen, Germany
Elevated Fingerboard
New 2015
Overview: This fine concert guitar features Kolya Panhuyzen's recently introduced innovative new bracing system which imparts even greater projection, evenness, and lightening response to his already very impressive, traditional sounding concert instruments.

Panhuyzen guitars are esteemed for their balance, wide color palette, clear singing trebles, sonorous basses, overall flexible musical sound, projection, and easy playability. Kolya Panhuyzen's classical guitars are performed upon by an unusually large number of professional musicians.

Most of the following concert artists have also recorded on their Panhuyzen guitars: Carlo Domeniconi, Zoran Dukic, Hubert Käppel, Dale Kavanagh, Thomas Kirchhoff, Matt Palmer, Krzysztof Pelech, Sonja Prunnbauer, Nathasja van Rosse, Laura Young, and Raphaella Smits.

Kolya Panhuyzen was born in Berlin in 1941. As a youngster he often fell asleep to the sound of Tarrega and Sor studies that his father played on the guitar. Kolya himself liked to sing and the guitar became and remains his companion to this day.

Inspired by his uncle, the renowned luthier Edgar Mönch, Kolya Panhuyzen built his first guitar in 1967 in the Mönch workshop where he became a frequent visitor and observer. There he made parts for his uncle´s instruments and three more guitars until 1976 when he set up his own workshop in Toronto, Canada. Thirty years and more than four hundred guitars later he continues to make master classical guitars in Germany during the winter and in Canada during the summer. He builds only one guitar at a time - slowly, lovingly, meticulously - so as to maximize his focus on wood choice, soundboard and body tuning, and workmanship. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker)

Materials: Dark Ind. sides and back, European spr. soundboard, elevated ebony fingerboard with twentieth 1st string fret, French polish of shellac finish on the soundboard for optimum acoustic response, thinly applied lacquer finish on the sides and back for durability, Baljack tuning machine heads with ebony oval buttons, 650mm string length, TKL 9100 double arched hardshell case.