Classical Guitars

Joshia de Jonge, Canada
Anniversary Double Top Model, #102
Materials: spruce/Nomex/cedar/Blackwood
Year: 2020
Condition: New
Status: Sold

Overview: This exceptional concert instrument is a magnificent example of refined musicality, materials, and craft - simply put, a singular masterpiece. The concert guitars of master guitar maker Joshia de Jonge combine northern European traditional tonal beauty with the quick response and laser-like projection of the most successful, innovative contemporary guitars.

Capable of great flexibility,
subtlety, and power of expression, this player friendly concert guitar possesses a warm, deep, clear, creamy sound, and a wide palette of color and attack. Each note is like a polished jewel. Balance is excellent; playability is also excellent, offering one of the easiest actions and neck contours around.

Guitar number 102 includes a small discrete sound port with a magnetized adjustable port cover which allows the player to temper this instrument's tonal response to personal preference and individual room acoustics. Also featured here are Joshia de Jonge's unique vine pattern mosaic rosette and soundboard periphery marquetry which she designed to mark the occasion of her 100th guitar. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Read an in depth interview with master guitar maker Joshia de Jonge in the January/February 2021 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine. See also American Lutherie #137, Summer 2019 for a complementary in depth interview with Joshia de Jonge.

Materials: Spruce/Nomex/cedar double top construction with tornavoz; Joshia de Jonge proprietary all wood grid pattern bracing system; African blackwood sides, back, and head veneer; elevated ebony fingerboard with twentieth fret extending under strings 1,2, and 3; "V" graft head to neck joint; sound port with African blackwood magnetic cover; proprietary Anniversary Model mosaic rosette and soundboard periphery marquetry; Rodgers tuning machine heads with brass sideplates incorporating Joshia de Jonge's head stock crest ends, Anniversary Model leaf pattern engraving, and black rollers with roller bearings; French polish of shellac finish; 650mm string length, and Visesnut Active Series hardshell case with Case Case Cover.