Classical Guitars

Gregory Byers, USA
Lattice bracing (all wood) Classical Guitar
Materials: cedar/Madag.
Year: 2015
Condition: New
Status: Sold

Overview: Possessing even stronger fundamental tones, greater sustain, evenness and projection than his previous concert guitars, Greg Byers' innovative double fan, all wood, lattice braced guitars represent a further refinement to his classically beautiful traditional musical sound. To learn more technical information about Greg Byers' work, click here. An American classic, the Byers guitars that we have been privileged to offer have had a sparkle and focus which are quite special.

One of only a few American makers to achieve international acclaim, Greg Byers handcrafts a concert guitar which is unusually responsive to a player's every artistic demand. His guitars possess outstanding power, separation, evenness, and clarity, as well as exceptionally accurate intonation, and superb workmanship. They also have one of the easiest, most comfortable neck and action set ups around. Concert guitars of great power, beauty, and projection, they have rich colorful very solid trebles (including an unusually quick, singing first string), deep 'cello like basses, and in the case of his cedar top guitars a clean, warm, dark sound overall. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Materials: Figured western red cedar soundboard, dark Madag. sides and back, Byers' innovative all wood double fan lattice bracing system, elevated fingerboard with 20th fret first string extension, perfectly executed 'V' graft head to neck joint, Sloane machine heads (Rodgers L201 Baker style tuning machine heads with ebony oval buttons, the finest in the world, at exra cost), twelve hole tie block, immaculate workmanship throughout, French polish of shellac finish, Byers' nut and saddle compensation system for unusually accurate intonation, 650mm string length, TKL double arched hardshell case.