Classical Guitars

German Vazquez Rubio, USA
Estudio Model
Materials: cedar/paloescrito with flame highlights
Condition: New
Status: Requires Special Order
Price: To be Determined
Overview: German Vazquez Rubio (sometimes referred to as G.V. Rubio, German V. Rubio, German Rubio, and German Vazquez) was born in Paracho, Mexico but has resided in the USA since the 1970s. For over twenty-five years Guitars International has been honored to offer to its customers the beautiful handcrafted classical and flamenco guitars of German Vazquez Rubio.

This guitar is an alternative to all laminated and solid body factory production (so called handmade) guitars from the U.S.A. and abroad). Indeed, these beautiful truly handcrafted solid wood guitars by one of this country's finest, most experienced luthiers regularly outperform entry level instruments costing substantially more.

Materials: Back and sides of palo escrito, straight grain ced. soundboard (also available with a spr. soundboard), ebony fingerboard, thinly applied lacquer finish (French polish of shellac finish options available at a modest additional cost), superb workmanship and materials, hardshell case, one year written warranty, 650mm string length (special order 640mm, 635mm and 630mm options available for an additional $250.00), hardshell case.