German Vazquez Rubio, USA
After Hauser I with Double top
Ind. with ced./Nomex/spr. soundboard
Requires Special Order
Price to be Determined
Overview: German Vazquez Rubio (sometimes referred to as G.V. Rubio, German V. Rubio, German Rubio, and German Vazquez) was born in Paracho, Mexico but has resided in the USA since the 1970s. For over twenty-five years Guitars International has been honored to offer to its customers the beautiful handcrafted classical and flamenco guitars of German Vazquez Rubio.

It was with his magnificent traditionally braced solid top Hauser Model that Vazquez Rubio won First Place in the Concurso Nacional de Constructores y Ejecutantes de Guitarras 2000. Inspired by Andres Segovia's revered 1937 Hauser I guitar now residing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the sound of Vazquez Rubio's solid top Hauser Model is warm and focused, possessed of a flexibility and sheen, complexity and elegance, breadth of color and character, power and depth that is distinctly musical, distinctly beautiful.

As offered here Vazquez Rubio's innovative double top Hauser Model guitar represents a tremendous musical value in a modern concert instrument. This guitar similar to his award winning, much recorded traditional Hauser Model discussed above; it even incorporates that guitar's traditional seven fan bracing pattern. However, the spr./Nomex/ced. double top construction of Vazquez Rubio's double top Hauser guitar results in an even more powerful first string, an overall greater dynamic range, depth and openness of sound than his traditional solid top model. Expect as well in this double top model Vazquez Rubio's much admired warm, clear, balanced, traditional signature sound, unusually wide color palette, and easy playability (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Materials: Old very dark (brown/black) Ind. sides and back, cedar on the outside/Eurpoean spruce on the inside soundboard with Nomex double top construction, ebony fingerboard with a first string 20th fret, traditional green/black/brown feathered herringbone rosette, custom 12 hole tie block for additional saddle down force, impeccable hand rubbed French polish of shellac finish, Sloane machine heads (not pictured), 650mm string length, TKL hard shell case.