Classical Guitars

Eric Monrad, USA
Double Top: "The Black Guitar"
Materials: spr./Nomex/ced./Ind.
Condition: New
Status: Sold

Overview: We consider this to be a landmark new design from this highly esteemed master guitar maker: outstanding tonal beauty, power, exquisite visual beauty, and meticulous craftsmanship - all in one extraordinary musical instrument.

Eric Monrad writes:

"I tune my tops and backs to a desired tone, recording the frequencies along with all weights and dimensions. I feel this is very important to achieving a consistent sound from one instrument to the next. A structural laminated liner where the top and sides meet allows for a relatively thin top with no flexing of the sides. This prevents cracking and contributes greatly to volume, quickness, and sustain. I compensate intonation for each string at both nut and saddle, using the method developed by luthier Greg Byers. Players comment that this really improves intonation. I usually build with medium-gauge strings in mind" (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Materials: Very dark Ind. sides and back; spr./Nomex/ced. double top soundboard construction; elevated fingerboard; upper bout bass string side sound port for added resonance and depth of sound, French polish of shellac finish; Rodgers tuning machine heads with brass sideplates, black barrels, dark mother of pearl oval buttons; 52mm nut width; 650mm string length; Bam 8002 XL Hightech case with custom leather handle and form fitting case cover.