Bernhard Kresse, Germany
Modern Concert
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Overview: Trained first as an architect, Bernhard Kresse later turned to making and restoring fine classical guitars - soon specializing in period 19th century guitars. In the many years since becoming a luthier, Kresse has acquired an extensive knowledge of 19th century guitar making traditions - both by examining and restoring original instruments in his Cologne workshop which he established in 1985 and by conducting extensive research in museums and private collections throughout Europe.

In addition to building reproductions of the 19th century masters - Panormo, Lacote and Stauffer - Kresse has for a number of years now constructed two other highly regarded concert instruments: (1) A contemporary interpretation of a 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar which follows the principals of traditional Spanish guitar making, and (2) an innovative, powerful Modern Concert Guitar. Interestingly, in the case of his Modern Concert Guitar, Kresse has drawn upon the 19th century Viennese guitar making tradition of Stauffer and Schertzer as his departure point.

Kresse's Modern Concert Guitar has a heavier body construction and a more pronounced back curvature than his more lightly constructed Manuel Ramirez model. His Modern Guitar also has an adjustable elevated neck which greatly facilitates playing comfort and ease of response. Acoustically, Kresse's Modern Guitar is a concert instrument capable of great dynamic range and projection while maintaining a clear, bright, well-balanced, traditional musical sound. Overall, this instrument's elegant voice and flexible tonal characteristics make it a particularly apt choice for both modern and baroque-music.

Today, an unusually large and impressive group of international artists perform and record on Bernhard Kresse's handcrafted instruments: Duo Arte en parte, Giampaolo Bandini, Frederic Benattar, Duo Bonfanti, Izhar Elias, Duo Ghiribizzo, Nicola Jappelli, Franz Halasz, Michael Koch, Ansgar Krause, Carsten Linck, Duo Melis, Johannes Möller, Paolo Pegoraro, Alvaro Pierri, Sonja Prunnbauer, Alexander Sergei Ramirez, Marco Schmidt, Isabel Siewers, Raphaella Smits, Paul Shigihara, Duo Sonare, Pavel Steidl, Alexander Swete, Benjamin Verdery, Adrian Walter, Brigitte Zaczek. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker)
Materials: Dark Ind. sides and back, European spr. soundboard, elevated fingerboard, adjustable neck, oil varnish finish, European spruce soundboard, Rodgers tuning machine heads, 650mm string length, immaculate workmanship throughout, hardshell case.