Simon Ambridge, England
Series 40
Requires Special Order
Price to be Determined
Overview: The Series 40 is Simon Ambridge's standard concert guitar. A connoisseur's guitar maker, Simon Ambridge crafts among the finest projecting, traditionally braced, musically refined classical guitars in the world today. About his Hauser I copies Simon Ambridge writes

About his guitars in general, Simon Ambridge writes:

"My classical guitars owe their inspiration to the instruments of Antonio de Torres, Santos Hernandez and Hermann Hauser I. By combining design elements from these three great masters with my own ideas, I produce a concert guitar which is traditional in style, lightly built and very responsive. I aim for a sound which is clear and focused across the whole spectrum and favor a slightly thicker soundboard with light struts which make for more efficient sound radiation and help give an instrument character, widening its range of available colour."

We concur with all that Simon writes. The sound of his magnificent concert guitars is solid, round and focused with wonderful depth and harmonic complexity. Capable of projecting both impressive power and delicate nuance, responsive to a wide range of color changes and attack, his instruments are beautifully balanced in every way. They are also remarkably devoid of extraneous harmonic noise: what you hear is each sparkling note and the accompanying silence surrounding that note. Finally, these musical instruments possess one of the loveliest, strongest, bell-like third strings we've heard in years. In sum, beautiful to look at, an inspiration to play, Simon Ambridge's individually handcrafted classical guitars represent a unique and wonderful contribution to the musical arts.

Concert artist Pablo Cohen who currently performs on a Simon Ambridge guitar writes: "For more than thirty years, I have had the opportunity to perform with guitars made by some of the best known makers from South America, France, Spain, and the U.S.A. It is from this perspective that I can say Simon Ambridge ranks among the very best guitar makers in the world." (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Indian or CSA back and sides, European spruce soundboard, ebony fingerboard, Rodgers tuning machine heads, 650mm string length.