Classical Guitars

Simon Ambridge, England
Antonio de Torres 1887 SE 111 Model Classical Guitar
Materials: spruce/Birdseye maple
Year: 2008
Condition: Pre-Owned
Status: Sold
Overview: With a waiting list exceeding four years, we are fortunate to be able to offer this stunning example of Simon Ambridge's Torres Homage guitar.

A  connoisseur's guitar maker, Simon Ambridge crafts among the most sublime, musically refined, finest projecting, traditionally braced, classical guitars in the world today. The exquisite aged tonal qualities and gem-like visual beauty of the instrument offered here constitute this great contemporary maker's homage to one of his most revered artistic inspirations. View a video of classical guitarist Stephen Kenyon performing on an Ambridge Torres Model guitar by clicking here:

"It is 1887, Torres is working on his instruments after returning from Sevilla to Almeria, and has been living for four years in the small village of La Canada de San Urbano. He is at the height of his second period, following the five-year hiatus in his activity as a guitar maker. Now, every label bears, after the words 'Segunda Epoca,'  the instrument's serial number. In contrast to the output of the first period, in which he energetically, almost aggressively, created the sound and the new external appearance of the modern guitar, his sound now acquires a maturity in which the force of discovery gives way to the inevitability of understanding. Guitar no. 111 is, in our opinion, the most direct expression of the successful synthesis of a lifetime of experience, a synthesis that is apparent in the maker's every gesture." (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

* From La Chitarra DI Liuteria by Stefano Grondona and Luca Waldner. For color pictures and further discussion of the Antonio de Torres SE 111 original referred to above, please see (pp 46-49) .

Materials: Very old book matched Birdseye maple sides and back, old straight grain European spruce soundboard, immaculate French polish of shellac finish, custom Rodgers precision tuning machine heads (the finest in the world) with synthetic ivory oval buttons (reproductions of old Jerome machine heads), meticulous workmanship and gorgeous master grade materials throughout compliment Simon Ambridge's elegant homage to this great Spanish master, unusually comfortable neck and action set up, 650mm string length.