Classical Guitars

Paco Santiago Marin, Spain
30th Anniversario Model
Materials: spruce/Ind.
Condition: New
Status: Requires Special Order
Price: To be Determined
Overview: Offered here is this world renowned Spanish maker's rare premiere concert model.  With premium Rodgers tuners included, this instrument represents a tremendous value in an outstanding spruce top concert guitar.

The classical guitars of Paco (Francisco) Santiago Marin are widely admired and much sought after for their great projection, clarity, strong round fundamental tones, exceptionally quick response, balance, broad color palette, and easy set up.

As a result, a large number of internationally acclaimed concert artists have chosen to perform on his highly responsive concert instruments. View a video of classical guitarist Ricardo Gallen performing on his XXXth Anniversario Paco Marin classical guitar.

Francisco Santiago Marín, was born in Granada, Spain, in 1946. He comes from a family of guitar makers and has loved working with wood since he was a small child. His father, Francisco Santiago Oliva, a cabinet-maker by vocation, instructed him in the art of cabinet making. Paco Marin worked with his father as a cabinet maker until 1963. He then joined the workshop of his uncle, Antonio Marín Montero, where he completed his studies as a guitar maker. Paco Marin has been crafting fine classical and flamenco guitars since 1965. In 1972 he created his own workshop. And for the last twenty-eight years now he and his son, Luis Santiago, have worked together making some of the finest, most refined concert guitars in the world.

Paco Santiago Marin has given numerous guitar making courses at international guitar festivals, a few being: The 6th Contest and Festival of Guitar of Havana, Cuba in May, 1992; the Festival of Guitar of Córdoba, Spain, in July of 2000-2003; and at the American Institute of Guitar in New York City in November, 1993. The Second International Guitar Competition in Spain was held in honor of this great master. Paco Marin has also constructed replicas of iconic classical guitars of the past: Perhaps most notably, the 1864 Antonio de Torres guitar which belonged to Francisco Tárrega. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Premium old very dark (nearly black) Ind. sides and back (back with trade mark XXXth Anniversario Model central ebony fillet), beautiful old European spruce soundboard with extensive cross grain silking, Rodgers precison tuning machine heads (the finest in the world), 20th first string fret, immaculate workmanship and hand rubbed French polish of shellac finish, 650mm string length, hardshell case.