Vintage Classical Guitars

Manuel Velazquez, USA
Concert Model
Materials: spruce/CSA
Year: 1960
Condition: Pre-Owned
Status: Sold - 1960, #1

Overview: This is a GREAT sounding and playing vintage concert guitar with a wide, flexible palette of color and attack - no ifs, ands, or buts about it! The first string - as are the second and third strings - is powerful, very pure and even all the way into the highest registers. The bass strings match the trebles in power, clarity, and character, and can provide a disarmingly deep, alluring growl when called for. The action set up and neck are perfect. This is a fun, very easy guitar to play. An extremely positive comparison here to a fine Hauser I guitar is not out of place.

Manuel Velazquez was the U.S.'s first internationally acclaimed master classical guitar maker. He counted among his influences Torres, Hauser I, and Santos Hernandez (to whom he was related). Manuel Velazquez's concert instruments are revered for their unusually elegant tonal beauty, perfect physical symmetry, and superb materials. Clients included Rey de la Torre, Sabicas, and Pepe Romero. (Learn more about this great classical guitar maker).

Materials: Perfectly quarter sawn dark, nearly black, CSA from 1940; very old master grade European spruce soundboard with close straight grain; seven fan bracing pattern; original Landsdorfer tuning machine heads; French polish of shellac finish; immaculate workmanship; 650mm string length, hard shell case.