Joshia de Jonge, Canada
Double Top Model
ced/ced/pale Moon wood
New 2019

Overview: The concert guitars of master guitar maker Joshia de Jonge combine northern European traditional tonal beauty with the quick response and laser-like projection of the most successful, innovative contemporary guitars. The magnificent concert guitar offered here incorporates a small discrete sound port with a magnetized adjustable port cover.

Both very musical and very powerful, these player friendly concert instruments have a highly appealing warm, creamy, clear, smooth sound and a wide palette of color and attack. Each note is like a polished jewel. Playability is excellent, offering one of the easiest actions and neck contours around. (Learn more about this classical guitar maker).

Also see American Lutherie #137, Summer 2019 for the most recent interview with master guitar maker Joshia de Jonge.

Materials: Double top construction woods TBD; Joshia de Jonge proprietary all wood grid pattern bracing system; pale moon ebony sides and back; elevated ebony fingerboard with twentieth fret which extends under strings 1,2, and 3; sound port with magnetic adjustable port cover; Rodgers tuning machine heads with Joshia de Jonge proprietary head stock crest end design; French polish of shellac finish; 650mm string length.