Rohan de Saram, England (Cleveland Debut)

"There are few of his generation that have such gifts" Pablo Casals.

"A rare genius, a born musician, an amazing young cellist" Dmitri Mitropoulos.

"de Saram is a Cello Phenomenon, one of the greatest cellists of our time" Kolnische Rundshau.

Rohan de Saram studied cello from the age of 11 with Gaspar Cassadó in Italy. At the age of 17 he was awarded the coveted Suggia award to study in the UK with John Barbirolli and in Puerto Rico with Pablo Casals. At the invitation of Dmitri Mitropoulos, who described
him in 1957 as "a rare genius....a born mazing...cellist."

Rohan de Saram was invited to give his Carnegie Hall debut in 1960 with the New York Philharmonic, playing Khatchaturian's Cello Concerto under the baton of Stanislaw Skrowaczewski. Rohan de Saram has worked with Kodály, Shostakovich, Poulenc and Walton, as well as more recently with many leading contemporary composers such as Pousseur, Xenakis and Berio who have, amongst others, written works for him.

In November 2005 Rohan de Saram bid farewell to the Arditti Quartet of which he was a part. He works now with a variety of artists, friends and composers, bringing together music from a range of musical periods and parts of the world. Since leaving the Arditti Quartet, Rohan de Saram has taught and given solo and ensemble recitals at Darmstadt Summer School, Avant-garde Tirol and Ruemlingen Festival, Switzerland. Website:

Rohan de Saram is represented by Karen Kopp Musik Management, Berlin, Germany.