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Classical Guitar Related Magazines
Soundboard Magazine
America's premiere classical guitar magazine, "Soundboard" is the official quarterly magazine of the Guitar Foundation of America. "Soundboard" is delivered to all members of the G.F.A. as part of the G.F.A. membership fee. Each issue contains scholarly articles including a wide variety of technical and musical columns, interviews with some of the guitar's foremost personalities, CD and book reviews, publications, guitar community news, and much more.
Classical Guitar Magazine
Whatever your place in the world of the guitar, you will find something of interest in "Classical Guitar." Profusely illustrated with unparalleled coverage of world events, the magazine regularly includes features; interviews; international news; coverage of worldwide guitar events; music, book, concert and recording reviews; articles on guitar history, musical analysis and technique; music supplements and a concert diary. There is also a list of guitar teachers (entry free to subscribers) and a list of guitar societies.
Guitar Forum
"Guitar Forum" is a journal dedicated to in-depth scholarly work on the classical guitar, its technique and its repertoire. Its articles are extensively illustrated with musical examples, several of which constitute complete, newly composed pieces. "Guitar Forum" is published by the European Guitar Teachers Association UK, edited by Jonathan Leathwood and refereed by a board comprising Stephen Dodgson, Angelo Gilardino, Stephen Goss, Ricardo Iznaola, Stanley Yates, and Fabio Zanon.
Guitar Review Magazine
Guitar Review is a quarterly magazine devoted to the classical guitar. Its in-depth articles, reviews and rare music supplements provide a wealth of resources available nowhere else.
American Lutherie
"American Lutherie," the world's foremost lutherie magazine, is the quarterly journal of The Guild of American Luthiers - an organization entirely devoted to stringed instrument making and repair, through a free exchange of information. "American Lutherie" contains interviews, news, pictures, diagrams, adventures, research, opinion, and how-to information, all of specific interest to the maker and repairer of string instruments. Articles come from the GAL staff with the cooperation of Guild members and voluntary submissions by Guild members.
American Musical Instrument Society
The American Musical Instrument Society is an international organization founded in 1971 to promote better understanding of all aspects of the history, design, construction, restoration, and usage of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods. The membership of AMIS includes collectors, historians, curators, performers, instrument makers, restorers, dealers, conservators, teachers, students, and many institutional members. The Society publishes its informative, generously illustrated newsletter three times a year
Acoustic Guitar
Through interviews, reviews, workshops, sheet music, and song transcriptions, "Acoustic Guitar" readers learn music from around the globe and get to know the artists who create it. With product reviews and expert advice, "Acoustic Guitar" also helps its readers become smarter buyers and owners of acoustic guitars and related gear.
Fingerstyle Guitar
Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine includes feature articles that examine the artistry of guitarists of various styles including classical.
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